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Note: If You Are Booking A Music Video, Email Your Music to [email protected]
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Pricing & Payment Terms
  • For Videography, Our Prices Start At $100.00 Per Hour + Travel Fees. (2 hour Minimum)
  • All Services Are To Be Booked At Least 2 Weeks In Advance With A Non-Refundable Deposit.
  • All Payments Are To Be Made via Debit or Credit Card, We Do Not Accept Cash.
  • Your Booking Is Non-Valid Until The Deposit Is Paid By Clicking The "PAY DEPOSIT" Button on The Left.
  • After The Non-Refundable Deposit is Paid 2 Weeks In Advance, The Total Service Cost Is To Be Paid The Day of The Scheduled Shoot, Before Any Filming Takes Place.
  • Services That Are Booked During The Week of Their Scheduled Date, Are To Be Paid In Full Before Their Scheduled Date By Clicking The "PAY IN FULL" Button on The Right.
  • Do NOT Click The  "PAY IN FULL" Button Until After You Have Submitted Your Reservation.
  • We Are A Central New Jersey Based Company: If The Travel Time to Your Shoot Location is Longer Than 1 hour, That Time Will Be Considered as "Shoot Time", and Will Be Added to The Total Shoot Time & Cost. (i.e. You Shoot is 2hours + 1way Travel time 1hr = 3hrs Shooting time)
  • All Prices Are Negotiable & Are Subject to Change Based On Shoot Location(s).
  • Clients Are Responsible For Transportation And/Or Transportation Cost To And From Shoot Location(s).
  • Transportation Cost Depends On The Total Travel Distance To And Friom Shoot Location(s) & Shoot Requiremnts Such as: Models, Actors, Props, Equipment etc.
  • Additional Requirments Provided By MH Productions, LLC Such As: Hair & Makeup, Props, Models, Actors, Specific Equipment etc Are All Subject To Additional And/Or Seperate Fees.
  • Travel Fees Are Added To The Total Cost of Service.
  • All Sales Are Final Once The Shooting Process Is Started / No Refunds.